Get Creative about your business.

Hi, I’m Sheri MacDonald, founder of White Design.

I’m a freelance Graphic Designer with over 20 years experience in the marketing and graphics industry. I can help you grow your business, connect you with your customers and get you noticed!

How it works

I design creative, strategic and bold advertising and promotional campaigns, ads, brochures, booklets and more.

Designing a targeted message with purpose will connect with your customers and clients and will inspire and inform them.


I learn about your business and your customers so a creative message is directed to the right audience.


I design unique graphics with a clear, consistent look so your message is recognized and understood quickly.


 I work quickly and efficiently to get your message out there and help you grow your business with guidance and support.

A Realistic Designer

Every business needs to advertise to attract customers, but many businesses struggle with how much to spend and how best to spend it. I can craft options or refine ideas based on budget needs to make your marketing efforts easier. I prioritize success and will work directly with you until you are satisfied!